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A mental condition where one bears the psychological scars of being fucked over for a long period of time. The individual experiences continuous psychological beatings by another person, or by an environment, which lays the groundwork for that individual to seemingly "suddenly snap." Fuckophrenia can best be defined as the mental stage that occurs right before the stage going postal.

The symptoms of fuckophrenia are usually ramblings about getting fucked over: "These motherfuckers keep fucking with me. No matter what I do they just keep fucking with me." That individual is about to bust skulls wide open. Keep on her good side; she'll most likely warn you before she blows up the joint.
"These people keep fucking with me, day in and day out. One day I'm going to come up in here and just punch everybody in the face!" ~ An example statement from someone who suffers from fuckophrenia.
by Magic Style May 03, 2010
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