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Derived from the concept of Stockholm Syndrome, it is used to describe the mental state of someone that has become overly attached to, and obsessed with, the person they have just recently had sex with. This is most prominent in people that have just had sex for the first time.
"Man, Shelly finally lost her V-card to Mike, but now she won't leave him alone. Total case of fuckholm syndrome."
by Super Ghoul January 30, 2014
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When two associates (regardless of self designation or designated by others) get unusually close do to constant contact via work, sudden happenstance, or because they live together (roomates) or nearby each other. The relationship at first will be neutral at first then it will rapidly ignite to hardcore lustful sex. They mostly will breakup and makeup several times because the feel that their bodies are compatable, ironically they will most likely not marry each other. It is not uncommon for them to cheat with each other while they are married to other people. It should be noted you have a higher chance of surviving a shark attack than to see or let alone be in one.
Tia: Shaian you see Vivi and Rod in the office?
Shaian: Girl they both have Fuckholm Syndrome, plain as day.
Tia: The way they are too close to each other or the fact they live near eachother?
Shaian: Both. You see the ways they look at each other.
Tia: They gotta chill with the obviousness.
Shaian: uuuummmmuuumm.
by Shockdragon September 15, 2018
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