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1. A disability in which, a male or female can fuck so much In a few consequitive days that they no longer have the ability to walk in any comprehensible normal fashion.

2. Originated in cattle country,(typically Montana or Oklahoma),a founder is actual condition in which a horse eats so damn much nutrient rich grass or another available food source, that it gets blood to its hooves and can no longer walk or be trimmed, and it's hooves can grow outta control and you just have to (put it down). "End its life". Ok, kill it to put it outta its misery.
Kid A, "Hey jimmy, you see Angie and Brett try to walk to gym class this afternoon?
Kid B, " yeah bro. Took them ten minutes to get to lockers. I think they both Fuckfoundered over the long weekend".

Kid A, we gunna have to put 'em down?
Kid B, no bra, they just need some orange juice and a cookie.

Kid A, wish I could Fuckfounder instead of fist Fuckfounder. I need myself a partner.
by maddog65 March 06, 2016
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