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meaning more than just fuck, usually used after something bad happens, when you are showing your anger
i was waiting at the bus stop,
*bus driver pulles bus up to the curb to let ppl on and off*
but once you have you have your money in hand and start walking up to the bus it pulles away. you sprint to the next stop and is sees you in its rear-view-mirror and it pulles away as you arrive.
"FUCKETYFUCK why cant she just fucken let me on the damn buss!!! its her damn job!!! FUCKETYFUCK!!!!
by alilamb March 30, 2009
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an exclamation when someone tells you something stupid or irrelevant, or when you make a stupid mistake
When Sally accidentally blew into the bowl of the pipe instead of sucking on it,she exclaimed,"well, fuckety fuck!"
by rawbone July 30, 2006
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