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Being stoned out of your mind.
Fuckedupigkeit mostly ensues while sitting at a WG kitchen table in Germany and smoking 3-5 consecutive joints.
Can happen anywhere else in the world too, but ideally at least one native German speaker and one English speaking German learner should be present to call it.
Can also reach the even higher level of sexliche Fuckedupigkeit if huge amounts of alcohol and the potential of people having sex is involved.
we were smoking some excellent joints on our vacation in that German village when all of a sudden sweet Fuckedupigkeit happened.
by donkeybear November 11, 2010
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Fuckedupigkeit is the term for the special kind of drunkenness/stonedness that one achieves while on Erasmus/Foreign Exchange Program in Germany.

It should be one's aim to constantly be in a state of Fuckedupigkeit whilst undertaking such an exchange program, whereby you can blame all ridiculous, embarassing, and/or reckless behaviours on Fuckedupigkeit.
Let's drink 3 bottles of Jaegermeister to achieve Fuckedupigkeit / Lass uns 3 Flaschen Jaeger runtermachen, um Fuckedupigkeit zu erreichen!

I couldn't help it, it was the Fuckedupigkeit/ Ich konnte nichts dafür, das war halt die Fuckedupigkeit
by Jaegermeisterin December 21, 2010
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