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Pharaoh bitch ass who think he got all the hoes but got a lil shrimp
“That fuckboiii who go to Grady got aids”
~Red Stamped this
by JKRed November 16, 2017
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Usually vv gl, amazing hair & eyes. Once you start going with them it is like the whole world has stopped. Until you get in to I’m little argument about them leaving you for a group of other people to go and buy some tabs. Then you have a break down bc your asshole step dad says your mam hates you and never wants you back in the house. They then split up with you on Stanley front street infront of a load of friends. They then get with a slag, who’s eyebrows look like they are sharpied on, the very next day.
“He got with her the day after breaking up with me the absolute fuckboiii
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by WtfPhilip February 11, 2018
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The sexiest people alive and the best ballers around they get all the hoes
Damn they tru fuckboiii
by Ancestors December 22, 2014
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