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A phrase similar to "Pound Town" & "Smash City", indicating that the act more commonly known as "sex" is either happening or about to happen.
Brandon: Hey bro, when are you gonna take that chick on a road trip to Fuckachusetts? I hear it's warm this time of the year.
by OlDirtyBrandoo November 06, 2011
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Another name for the shitty state of Massachusetts, where it's wicked cold, the drivers all suck, and the taxes are jacked up my motherfucking ass. The school days lag, the work days slug, and the Sox and Pats, although are awesome (I guess), can never seem to do good enough. Fuckachusetts; all the kids wanna get the hell out and run away to LA, where for once maybe they can be a somebody, because everyone's just a Masshole in a Fuckachusetts. The only things worth thanking Fuckachusetts for are the Pats, the Sox, Aerosmith, the Dropkick Murphys and them great (just pissa) Boston accents.
I'm never gonna get outta Fuckachusetts, am I?
by Sweet-Sixxty-Sixx November 29, 2009
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