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used for emphasis or to express anger, annoyance, contempt, or surprise.

Also commonly used by Victor Simonovski as a space-filler in descriptive storytelling.
"What are you doing FAURKEN!?" Being defined as vulgar slang

Used alone or as a noun or verb in various phrases to express annoyance, contempt, or impatience.

childish spelling for the adjectival/adverbial intensive "fucking"

An easy way to identify you're chatting with an illiterate &/or child.

Can also be used as a space filler (instead of "umm..." or "err...")

normal: Debbie is so faurken' FINE!

ankie: Debbie is so faurken phyne!


normal: I was fuckin' late so I took the faurken bus.

ankie: I was fucken late so I took the faurken bus.


normal: I'm not doing well in Math class.

ankie: So, I'm faurken like fuarken failing fuakren math, you fuarken know?
by Stormy_Forrester February 13, 2018
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