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Delicious frozen treats. Similar to Freezies, but way better. Frosticks are mainly available in the Maritime provinces of Canada.
Person 1: Dude I'm sooo hot, do you have any freezies?
Person 2: No, what the fuck is a freezie?
Person 1: Those frozen things encased in plastic?
Person 2: Ah.. You mean Frosticks. I have plenty!
Person 1: These Frosticks are a frostgasm in my mouth!
by Sn00t2.0 June 25, 2010
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The first centimetre of the anus, usually including the sphincter.
"Man, when I stick the tip of my finger into my frostick I sometimes get a bit of grime under my fingernail!"

"Dude, do me a favour and see how far you can get your tongue into my frostick, will ya?"

"If the human body was a street map, the frostick would be a side street off Bifkin Lane"
by Chris Locs October 04, 2007
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