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1. (noun) A procedure in which you place a clear plastic sheet on the chest of a person while you stradle said person and receive felatio (oral sex) and defecate (poop) on the clear sheet. As the person recieving felatio is about to ejaculate, he grabs the plastic sheet and flips it onto the felater's (person performing felatio) face creating a "chocolate jellyfish" appearance. Once the jellyfish has been created, he proceeds to ejaculate on the felater's face thus "frosting the chocolate jellyfish"

2. (noun) The person being Frosted Chocolate Jellyfished.

3. frosted chocolate jellyfisher (noun) The person performing the Frosted Chocolate Jellyfish
1. Hey James, I gave your ex-girlfriend the Frosted Chocolate Jellyfish.

2. Margo! Your brother made me a Frosted Chocolate Jellyfish!

3. Don't go out with him, He is a Frosted Chocolate Jellyfisher.
by Angry Pirate Andy January 25, 2010
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