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The term used When something is cold but is on fire the at the same time
It is kind of like an oxymoron but better
Also a term used for smooth,cool, stylish

YO Did u See the Frost on that fire
MAn your so smooth how did u become so frostfired
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An extremely overweight boobie streamer who masturbates heavily to melodic deathmetal and transformers 2. Also may look like hotted89 or swifty, extremely addicted to World of Warcraft and Cherry Coke.
All that kid does is sit inside with his cherry coke and gains weight, total frostfire!
by yungDefinerr November 30, 2017
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A term for any type of gun warfare in cold weather.
(after a wet, rainy game of paintball)
Today was frostfire at the painball field.
by zach999 February 22, 2007
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