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A pubescent youth who pours over the front page of YTMND every day rejoicing every time a new Brian Peppers site is created, or an internet war with Ebaum is started. These lowly half-humans now inhabit the once-peaceful YTMND forums, yet they stand out among the regular members because no one likes them. The projected maximum age for one of these Front Pagers is 17 to 18, where they will commit suicide as a joke over the internet. Some more famous (therefore making them gayer) frontpagers include MasterSitsu, Syncan, and Boomaga.
DrMongol: Oh no, Max linked the forums to the front page. Invasion is imminent.
NoccGuy: Here come the front pagers. I wish them death.
Front Pagers: kekekekekkekekekekek llolo Gay fuel!1

Kevin Bacon: I scared away the front pagers with my nudity.
by Lars Bacon August 13, 2006
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