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The impossibility of teaching someone something because of his or her dogged reluctance to avoid being taught. It arises through the

deliberate choice of that person to continue to remain ignorant. In some cases the person may be too proud to admit that a different, better method exists of doing something.
Example 1.

Lemuel was repeatedly having the same, easily-fixable problem with his computer and Mike was always the one to help him sort it out. When I suggested that Mike show Lemuel how to do it himself he said "Oh I offered to do that but it's the Frits Factor. He insists I do it for him, every time."

Example 2.

I went fishing with Jock. He kept losing his strikes because his method of attaching the hook was flawed and ineffectual. I offered to

help and patiently showed him how to tie a good knot but strangely, his results did not improve. The Frits Factor was at play. I noticed later he
was still baiting up his way.
by Fritsy Bitsy January 01, 2014
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