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Refrigerator that stocks your food of preference. A stocked refrigerator. Any food perishable should be stored in electric refrigerated appliance for recommended specified times then discarded. Recommended food to keep in stock with refrigeration. A specific listing of necessary foods for stocking (store) your personal or family perishable goods.
I frigstock before summer begins and i know I am ready for all summers fun! I frigstock all my tasty brothes for later use. I frigstock medicine and lotions for convenience and freshness as recommended. My special lotions get frigstocked. I will note to frigstock that before the big occassion. You can categorize frigstocking to met your own needs. Frigstocking is great way to save time, gas, and money because you have already made your list and made your purchase with one trip into town! Make your list check it twice and frigstock! Make frigstock count without wasting space and time. Frigstock your event and be ready! frigstock, Frigstock, frigstocked, frigstocking, Frigstockable
by Boxit June 29, 2015
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