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A very serious condition that can alter the mood of someone who is single and a virgin, typically causing them to ditch their friend group for a girl that does not want them. Someone diagnosed with this syndrome is typically an asshole to their friend group of guys, because there's a lot of misplaced anger.

Symptoms include, but are not limited to:

—ignoring friends
—creating awkward silences
getting pissed over minuscule problems
—not wanting to be around anyone else, except the girl they like
—the girl they like is NOT interested in them, therefore they feel bad. See friendzone.
—this becomes a cycle where the diagnosed take out their emotions on their friend group even though the friend group is totally innocent
—clearly violating the concept of Bros before hoes

There has been no developed cure, however symptoms seem to be alleviated when the guy and the girl become distant, since the relationship becomes nothing and the guy comes to terms with it.
Stay away from Landon, boys. He's developing some serious symptoms of Friendzone Asshole Syndrome.
by HowDoYouDoFellowKids September 27, 2017
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