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FTO stands for: Friendship time out.

When you and friend have a conflict or disagreement, one could call friendship time out on the other. Usually called for trivial and sometimes stupid reasons and don't last longer than remembering why it was called in the first place.
Taylor: Why aren't Alexa and Aimee talking?
Lauren: Oh Aimee called friendship time out when Alexa said her crafting was terrible.
Taylor: FTO is legit
by SororitySweetheartxo October 14, 2011
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Friendship time out, is a legal term for when your friends have crossed a line and need to learn their place.

Follows is a base document:

That's it your on an official friendship time out for (amount of time).

Section A. Congratulations. You are no longer my friend until (time/date)

Section B.
contact will be limited to hello or a nod, you are prohibited from making attempts to initiate responses from the plaintiff (me) until such time as stated in section A

Section C.
Any parties, gatherings or outings must be first announced to the plaintiff so avoidance can be more easily accomplished, failure to do so will be seen as an attempt to establish contact (as per section B) if both plaintiff and accused are agreed in a party then a third party must be present at all times to limit contact and act as a go between. (Third party cannot be a partner or family member.)

Section D.
If you agree to these terms simply reply yes, otherwise further action will be taken to ensure the safety and the avoidance of the plaintiff from the accused.

Section E.
Blackmail will lead to extensions in time out as well as further clauses added to contract. Bribery on the other hand will be accepted and, depending on the bribe, the contract will be altered from original date (see Section A) but constant bad bribe offers will be seen as harassment per section B.

my "Friend": that shirt makes you look fat...

Me: please watch your post box for the legal documentation that i will be sending.

Friendship time out is when you put your friends in a hypothetical corner for an extended period of time
by OakRobin LTD November 21, 2017
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