When a guy is flirting with someone that isn't his girlfriend or his crush but is doing it in a nice way.
Is jake friendly flirting with that girl over there?
by Friendly flirting October 16, 2017
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the act of flirting with a friend that usually has a girlfriend or boyfriend - it annoys others around you
Is that wendy friendly flirting with stan again?
by bill 1435 May 28, 2008
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When someone is a natural flirt and is mildly flirtacious with many, even though they don't have any romantic intent.

This tends to be mistaken for normal flirting, but it's in ones nature to make yourself seem as good a romantic partner to many, through our natural instincts, and is usually very subconcious.
Friend one: "You have a boyfriend, why are you flirting with that girl?"
Friend two: "I'm not, am I? I thought I was just being friendly."
Friend one: "Oh, you're just friendly flirting!"
by SweetieGamerGirl August 18, 2018
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When you flirt with your friends just for practice; nothing will ever happen but might as well flirt just because
"Do you like him?"
"No! I just like friendly flirting with him"
by lamusy January 17, 2016
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