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An individual who goes on your personal social networking site, and sends friend requests to all the people on your friends list, sometimes claiming they know you when they don't...for the sole purpose of upping their friend count to make themselves appear more well 'liked' than they actually are. They also do this to target your friends as potential 'dating material' because they're too damn cheap to pay for eHarmony.
Mel: Hey Peggy, who is that freak Jim guy that sent me an add request saying that he knew you? He keeps saying gross things to me on my wall!

Peggy: Uh, I don't know that dude...I thought YOU did, that's the only reason I accepted him! Ewwe, he's a dirty friendharvester! Delete, delete, delete!!
by Melfine August 16, 2011
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A Person on Facebook that accepts any Friend, or trys to become Friends with people they don't actually know.
Yeah, Cindy is a Friend Harvester, she always accepts friend requests, but she didn;t have one the other day when she needed her tire changed, Haha
by Pafzko August 14, 2011
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