When one friend befriends another through your introduction, soon putting more effort into that person than you do, simultaneously making you seem less desirable and devaluing both your original friendships. This can happen consciously or unconsciously. Notably, one does not tend to ever make any new friends for themselves through the friend poacher.
I used to be close with Guy until I introduced him to Buddy, who started inviting him out all the time; I think Buddy is friend poaching, especially considering I've never met any good friends through him.
by Jernstar October 1, 2016
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The act, usually committed on facebook, of adding a friend of your friend, whom you have never previously met or come into contact with. Upon acceptance, the friend poacher usually makes over exuberantly friendly and all too awkward comments on his new "friend's" statuses.
dude 1: Hey, it says that we have (insert name) as a mutual friend, how do you know him????

dude 2: ... uhh...

dude 1: dude have you been friend poaching???? Stop poaching my friends bro.
by TRL0 November 9, 2009
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The art of stealing ones friends to chat it up with them.
(e.g. taking a friends hottie and trying to make said hottie your own friend ;-)
Hey Stephen I noticed a hot red head on your myspace. It's time to friend poach and make her mine too. hehehe
by John McStephenson May 8, 2008
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Anytime you look through the friends of YOUR facebook friends for anyone you may know. Specifically to add anyone that is already NOT your friend. In other words a lazy approach to finding people by using the existing work of others.
I was 'friend poaching' the other night on facebook. I found three people I went to high school with when I searched through my friend Alex's facebook friends.
by rudeboyrude December 15, 2009
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