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When someone has lots of friends, they'll be a hierarchy going from bestie to last resort friend. The higher up you on the hierarchy the more events you'll be invited to secrets you'll be told.
Jess: Hey did Nat invite you to her birthday party?

Brenda: Nope, she told me I'm not high enough on the friend hierarchy. She's only inviting besties and close friends.

Brad: Shit did you hear Dan's engaged!
Carl:Yeah, can't believe he got his girlfriend pregnant!
Brad:Wait what?
Carl:Shit I wasn't supposed to tell you that, you're too low on the friend hierarchy.

Tim:Hey I heard you booked an escape room, can I come?
Kath: I'm sorry but there's very few spaces, only those at the top of the friend hierarchy are coming.

Tim: Ah ok, fair enough.
by mrperson123 August 25, 2017
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