A poorly built automobile. A piece of junk. The reason behind the name "Friday" is that workers typically had a long week, are tired, and are looking forward to the weekend... therefore, they are a lot more careless with the construction of the vehicle, lending to it's numerous problems.

This typically applies to a make/model of vehicle that is usually of pretty good quality, and the "Friday car" is more the exception than the rule.

Really bad cars can be referred to as "Friday afternoon at 4pm before a three day weekend car".
Yeah... must be a Friday car.
by BrianTheGreat January 30, 2011
A lemon. Refers to the long held belief that cars built in the US on a Friday were more likely to have problems, due to the UAW folks being drunker than they are on other days of the week.
"That rattling in the door turned out to be a broken Rolling Rock bottle. Goddamn Friday car."
by R0bbb February 29, 2008
A car that is manufactured at the end of a week i.e "friday night". that will have lots of things go wrong with it as the workers want to get home and dont bother with proper final checks.
Person1- OMG this stupid car doesnt work properly even though its new

Person2-lolz u got a friday night car
by Woodmark September 5, 2009