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Colloquially known as the 'Friars boy', typically an attendee or ex-attendee of public Carlisle school Austin Friars.

Thick, ruffled, usually dark hair.
Pouty "interesting and moody" facial expression (permanently adhered).
Varies between technically-fit taut body and gym obsessive.
Ironic and very clever t-shirts.
Favours company of the 'younger lady'. For further reference, see tag below of 'UJ'.

Arguably most distinctive feature. Words and phrases such as "safe" "huge" "mong" "beast" "ripped" "destroy" (when referring to intercourse) "radge" "absolute babe" "pussy" and "sweet", as well as profanities, are used repetitively in same sentence in a kind of bark/shout.
Call eachother by initials. Gets confusing.

Pumping iron
Daring each other to kiss girls
The famous "pk"or parkour
Bragging (lots of)

Despite these examples of behaviour, still manage to somehow be endearing (sometimes) and occasional good company.
What's that guy over there doing? He appears to be daring his friend to kiss that girl, while shouting 'pussy', pouting and running up a wall at the same time" "Friars boy- explains all"
by swordfish49 July 27, 2010
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