A term one can use to excuse oneself from the face-time company of another for reasons of a burning desire to check your e-mail. You won't be comfortable in your conversation unless you check on your inbox for any immediately important messages that need attention. By "digitally freshening up", you have eased the unnatural frequent urge of wanting to peek at your iPhone in your important business meeting.
Before an all day business meeting begins, one person to another: "excuse me while I digitally freshen up, I'll be right back".
by Anja Manzanares February 9, 2011
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To use some sort of photo editing tool or program to make a person look better, younger, more aesthetically pleasing. Often used (and overused) on magazine covers. Can also mean the same as digitally unfreshen up when you use the same tool to do just the opposite. Usually referred to as, or known as photoshopped.
Rimmel London felt it necessary to digitally freshen up a very young Zooey Deschanel for their ad campaign, to the point where it doesn't look like her at all.

Every magazine cover with Fergie, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson they digitally freshen up to make them appeal to a younger demographic. It just makes them look like aliens.
by clintonk April 18, 2011
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