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The greatest Punk Rock band formed in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England in 2016, by Alex Blenkey on vocals and lead guitar, Madz Marriner (son of "The Message" bassist Mazz Marriner) on vocals and rhythm guitar, Connor Plunket on rhythm guitar, James Soper on bass and Patrick Crossley on drums, under the name "Ctrl, Alt, Delete", before changing their name to "Freezing Hot" in June of the same year. The band also spent a brief period under the name "Seventh Coroner" in late 2016.
Me:"Dude, have you voted for Freezing Hot to play Slam Dunk Festival 2017?"
Guy: "Nah mate, who are they?"
Me:"Only the greatest band on the face of this earth!"
by Issan_Sumisu April 10, 2017
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When something is so hot that it tricks your mind into thinking it is freezing cold, then the heat suddenly hits you and leaves you screaming with agony.
Ahh FUCK, MY HAND! That water ain't cold, it's freezing hot!
by RedH November 08, 2010
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When you cold on the inside, but hot on the outside do to fever or other illness.
The worst part about having the flu is being freezing hot because I can't make up my mind between the heater or the air conditioner
by LaurdaT January 18, 2015
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