Freelance copywriting is a supposed business opportunity that is actually a scam of a cottage industry, promoted heavily by certain self anointed gurus and companies who claim that any English major can earn a hedge fund manager's income by going barefoot, living in an RV, and posing for selfies on a beach. Freelance copywriting is actually a way to siphon 401K and IRA savings off of early retirees looking for a second career, for pointless trainings, coaching, "intensives" and "boot camps" that are traffic jams of hungry suckers all looking for a break they'll never get.
That wanna be freelance copywriting student is a sucker! He just paid the "Institute" his last $23,000 for a membership to a bunch of useless online videos, and access to interns who will pretend that they are top copywriter mentors. He lives in a homeless shelter and tries to write product descriptions for $1 apiece.
by Douchbag Steve July 9, 2019