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Displayed first in 1968 Olympic games at Olympic Stadium in Mexico City Mexico.

One of the most recognizable "Black Power" or "Power to the People" Civil Rights unity hand signals in the history of the movement that originated via black Olympic athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

As the American flag rose to commemorate the finish of their American medal ceremony and the Star-Spangled Banner played, the two Olympians closed their eyes, bowed their heads, and began their protest by raising their fist high to represent black power & unity. Their attire also included a black scarf around Smith's neck which stood for black pride and their black socks alone,( *while not wearing shoes*) represented black poverty in racist America.

The act of course resulted in huge media attention and public outcry. However what was hardly mentioned was that 200 meter Silver medalist and Australian Peter Norman who was white joined their protest that evening by wearing a OPHR badge! (OPHR = Olympic Project for Human Rights)
The Freedom Fist is sign language that sends the non-violent message first:The Revolution beings with, "NO!"
We must use our hands to make our living and we can raise our fists to manifest our freedom!
by Freedoms Name June 14, 2010
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The act of getting a fist in the vagina by a man with an american flag tattooed on his forearm
Dude remember that girl Eli took home? I guess he gave her the freedom fist!!! She couldnt walk the next day!
by Blane Hurlocker April 15, 2008
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