A hilarious website often used by internet pedophiles. If you're bored and you want to mess with some pedos, go on that website and go in the Younger Teens chat with a vulnerable username and wait for someone to Private IM you. They always lie about their ages, by the way. I always love pretending to hit on them and shit then have a huge twist like, "when I cum out my vag, I grab more vasaline and jerk my cock". No signing up needed.
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Private IM recieved from SexyFootballDude

SexyFootballDude: hey baby asl
LonelyLittleGirl: 12 f ca! u?
SexyFootballDude: 17 m. got a cam?
LonelyLittleGirl: yea
SexyFootballDude: can i watch you masturbate
by cock suka April 6, 2009
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