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An incredibly annoying type of customer who goes into stores, restaurants, movie theaters or other establishments and harasses employees for free things and/or unwarranted discounts on merchandise.

This breed of douchebag will often have his own game-plan, and will have a long, drawn-out diatribe planned ahead of time to try and justify why he "deserves" free or discounted goods/services. (Ex. He will come up with exaggerated or even fabricated complaints, or falsely accuse the store of "gouging prices", and demand "full compensation" in the form of free things.)

If he doesn't get his way, he will often give up and admit defeat, knowing his assholery won't hold up under any real scrutiny. However, he will occasionally demand to speak to a manager, and/or file complaints in an attempt to get employees fired for not giving in to his bitching.

The best way to deal with this a-hole is a swift kick to the nuts. (Although don't do it while you're at work... wait until after you clock out.)
Brad: "Oh god, the Freebie Guy came back yesterday. He demanded $50 in store credit because he says he saw someone washing their hands in the bathroom, and saw them spill some water next to the sink, and he said it was a 'slipping hazard.' I checked, and there wasn't even any water on the floor of the bathroom. "
by TeddyStix December 28, 2014
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