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1) One who excels at picking up small chipmonk like girls

2) Term for someone who never sleeps, and spends all one's time drinking Booze, browsing the net and looking at underage porn.

3) Growler's Personal Plaything - usualy tied to lamp posts, glued to chairs, elecricuted, ect...

4) An insulting name given to disgruntled British College dropouts.
Little Girl: Mommy! Mommy! Whats That!

Mother: That's a FreeSaiyan, my dear, dont look, it'll try to steal your soul or underwear, whichever it reaches first. Promise mommy that you will never ever talk to a FreeSaiyan or become one, ok?

Little Girl: ok, Im promise!

Mother: Its very important! Only shame and stale macaroni awaits you if you do!
by DNA Master April 17, 2005
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