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An armed mob of mercenaries and hoodlums with ties to Al-Qaeda.
American 1: It's great to see people rise up against their oppressors man. The U.S. should help the Free Syrian Army at all costs!

American 2: What are you, a fool? We have a $16 trillion debt to worry about and you want to spend more money to aid these Syrian rebels who we know nothing about? U.S. intervention will be viewed by the Arab world as occupation - not liberation. For once, lets stay out of everyone else's problems and think of ways to improve our own country. All of our efforts in the Middle East have only put radical jihadists into power.
by Dancing with Fire April 10, 2013
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The true army of Syria. The current Syrian military is doing the opposite of what militaries are supposed to do, which is protecting their people from military threats.

The Syrian army is currently killing thousands of unarmed civilians for protesting against the psychopathic despot in power named Bashar al Assad.

The Free Syrian Army is made up of over 20,000 Syrian army defectors who are currently protecting their people like the official Syrian army they're fighting against is supposed to do.

The leader of the Free Syrian Army is a defected colonel named Riyad al-Asad.
God bless the Free Syrian Army

The soldiers in the Free Syrian Army are some of the bravest soldiers in the world
by SlashinatorX November 12, 2011
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