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Free Keene is the name of a group of free staters (or at least people who describe themselves as libertarians, voluntaryists, and "anarcho"-capitalists) who live in Keene NH and participate in libertarian-oriented activities in the town. These activities include smoking weed in the town common, standing in front of police cars, walking naked in public, illegally parking their cars, refusing to pay taxes, standing outside the local high and middle schools screaming, "School sucks!" in an attempt to persuade students to drop out of school, drinking beer in court, and participating in the black market/"agorism" as attempts to either remove "victimless crime" laws or for the sole purpose to defy the laws.

According to a February 2011 report on WMUR-TV, Free Keene's civil disobedience tactics are mostly hated by Keene residents, who deem them as offensive. The report also informed viewers that each keeniac stay in jail costs the town $100 per day in taxes.
Last time I was in Keene I saw members of Free Keene holding a nudie sit-in to protest state obscenity laws.
by 603explorer July 11, 2011
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