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A smart and pretty girl. Fredrika's are usually the type of girls to get what they want when they want. If you have a Fredrika in your life you are very lucky. Don't get on her bad side becuase if you do you will regret it. She can hold a grudge longer than you can. But she is also very loving and friendly. She keeps her friends close and her bestfriends even closer. She can be a bit shy when not around someone that she knows a lot. She is a very trusting person to share your secrets with and won't tell anyone no matter what.
Oh Yea I Got A Fredrika On My Checklist. Yes Check She's Mine!!! That's My Baby!!!
by AyeeImTheOne February 11, 2017
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A munchkin with an amazing mind for questions.

Hates muffins.
Fredrika Types into google: "the movie with the young girl old fashioned and she see's this guy an dies in the end" to find the name of an actor.
by Tom Felton is hot August 15, 2011
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