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Fredorexia is an eating disorder where men starve themselves. fredorexia usually begins in young men around the onset of puberty. Men suffering from fredorexia have extreme weight loss. Weight loss is usually 15% below the person's normal body weight. Men suffering from fredorexia are very skinny but are convinced that they are overweight. Weight loss is obtained by many ways. Some of the common techniques used are excessive exercise, intake of laxatives and not eating.

Fredorexics have an intense fear of becoming fat. Their dieting habits develop from this fear. Fredorexia only affects adolescent boys.

Men with fredorexia continue to think they are overweight even after they become extremely thin, are very ill or near death. Often they will develop strange eating habits such as refusing to eat in front of other people. Sometimes the individuals will prepare big meals for others while refusing to eat any of it.
Fredorexia has affected tens of men across the world since 1712.
by Dr. Rugman December 30, 2008
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