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1) v. Stuffing your face with food provided for free by other people, usually family or friends.

2) n,v. When your friends leave town on vacation and offer for you to come clean out their fridge of all leftovers while they are gone. Feasting for free!
1) Let's go to my mom's house so we can freast before we head out tonight!

2)Person #1: "Well, it looks like they left us 2-day old Chinese takeout, a bland carrot salad, chickpea spaghetti, and a piece of gluten-free spinach quiche..."
Person #2: "This is going to be a freast!"
Person #1: "Yeah! Let's freast!"
by foulball January 19, 2015
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Fat girls that have big boobs because they are fat not because they have big boobs
G: dayyyyummmmm look at that girl boobs / tits there huge
Allen: nah those are just freast. fat lard
by oovoo 9:12 February 15, 2011
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