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This is an unusual variant of the common 'shank (shower wank). It involves a very specific routine of begining the ritual of self-endulgance with hot shower water until fully erect. However, there is a subtle twist compared with the conventional 'shank'. At the point of full erection, the hot water tap is turned off, leading to ice cold temperatures. It is left at this temperature until the erection has fully deflated and the testicles retreated internally. After this the hot water is turned back on and the act of masturbation is continued until final climax. It is believed the logic behind 'fratuzbation' is to increase the sexual pleasure of the final orgasm.
John frazturbated in the shower.

John and his friends frazturbated together.

John frazturbated for heightened sexual pleasure.
by The Witness93 October 07, 2012
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