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Mix of the words fraternity and furniture. Girls (mainly sorority girls) get nicknamed fraturniture if they hang around a frat/frats all the time, like a piece of furniture in the formal room.
Frat Bro 1: "Dude, is that chick still here? She's been here like every night for the past month!"

Frat Bro 2: "Dude, I know! She's such fraturniture we might as well just have her stuffed and throw some pillows on her."
by Mr. Fratty McFratterson December 12, 2009
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College aged female, most often belonging to a sorority. Is fond of drinking bad beer, wearing trashy sweatpants by day, trashy miniskirts by night, hooking up with hambones, and talking in an obnoxiously loud voice bearing similar dips in tone to a scandanavian language. Is fond of prefacing any statement with 'OMG'. Often goes by appellation of 'Jen-Jen', 'Tori', 'Molly', Kylie', or some such similar name of repeated syllable or ultima syllable ending in vowel.

see also sorostitute hooknasty
is often seen accessorizing hambonemeathead steakhead
Look at that Kappa over there, she is totally a piece of fraturniture.
by Tom Swirly June 19, 2005
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