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The Fratabronia is a brotherhood of countless men across the country. Most, if not all, can find their roots in Indianapolis, IN. The Fratabronia, herein referred to as the frat, represents the essence of what it truly means to encompass all that is man. Membership into "the frat" is subjective, and each original member holds the right to induct - and excommunicate - any man he deems capable of upholding the frat's firm belief system. What separates "the frat" from impostors is the broad membership of innumerable good persons. Typically, members of the aforementioned society find themselves to be strong supporters of the ol' Red White and Blue, familiar with the excruciating pain of "being iced", slaying V, and other gentlemanly activities.
Richard: "I sold my Patagonia jacket on eBay and used the money to get these jeans from the Gap."

Phil: "In doing so, you have forfeited your membership in the Fratabronia. Consider yourself excommunicated."
by ForeFather September 27, 2010
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