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Charming, ambitious Frat boy who dresses and acts like the stereotype to a T. Transferred from a school where he was a college athlete, most likely playing LaCrosse or Soccer, but didn't like the rules that restricted him boozing it up. Most likely named Chad or Kyle. Has a radar for when a girl stops being interested, and starts firmly implanting himself in her life only then. Knows he's charming and attractive, but is most likely a really bad kisser without knowing. Has some good morals and qualities, but they rarely show up until he turns 30 and realizes what a shit show his life is, and that his trophy wife is cheating on him.
Chad is the definition of a FratDouche-Fuckboi; too bad we're interning together, I never want to see his chubbies and sperry-clad person again.
by Fsullie August 03, 2017
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