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A form of time wasting, generally done on sunny, warm afternoons in front of fraternities. Loud music from large speakers, commonly called "frat blasters", is commonplace, along with frisbee and football.

During this time, fraternity brothers make a point of using "bro" language, calling each other Bro, referring to things as "brotastic", etc. T-shirts are scarce during Frat Dicking, unless it is a cut-off or muscle shirt. Flip flops and shorts are also common apparel.

The point of Frat Dicking is to "bro out", represent your fraternity, try and show off for passing women, get tan, and improve on frat skills such as, but not limited to, frisbee. Frat Dick can also refer to someone who participates in Frat Dicking.

Frat Dicking is commonly judged on quality based on sports participation, number of shirtless muscular bros, number of women joining in on the activites (especially attractive ones in bikinis), and time the frat dicking began and ended with full participation.
Ex.1: "Dude we were frat dicking so hard, what a good way to spend a sunny day."

Ex.2: "Hey what are you up to today?"
"Just gonna frat dick all day at the house, you should stop by and throw some disc!"

Ex. 3: "Look at all those frat dicks out there just wasting time in the front lawn."
by StensDaddy March 08, 2010
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