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A nap taken after drinking earlier in the day prior to going out to a bar later in the same day. This nap is often taken in a Fraternity House or a College Residency.
After Happy Hour I'm gonna take a Frat nap before we go to the bar tonight.
by Brent Mac June 16, 2009
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the bro'est thing to do on a saturday afternoon when there is nothing to do. Conditions: 1)must be done in a frat house 2) three or more "bros" must be involved 3) bros may NOT share furniture during fratnaps*

*rule 3 may be ignored if said furniture is large enough for two bros to lounge and not touch bodies.
BRO ! im sofaKing bored you wanna take a fratnap ?
by TomADG December 15, 2009
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