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The frat swoop is a hair style very common in the southeast among fraternity guys. It consists of bangs that come down in the front that either swoops to the left or the right. Hair is mostly messy looking everywhere else due to a night of raging.
Matt was offered the job over Larry because he was rocking the nice frat swoop look unlike Larry who was doning a mullet.
by PerformanceFratGear August 11, 2011
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1) The type of haircut those 14-year-old douchebag kids have that act like hardasses, but tell you their dad will sue you when you beat the shit out of them

2) A popular haircut in the community of 14-year-old, white fuckboys who act tough but are actually pussies
Person 1: That kid with the frat swoop was talking shit, so I kicked his ass and he whined like a bitch lol

Person 2: Lol I bet he told his dad to sue you because he got his ass kicked for acting like a hardass
by W.E.D.E.M.B.O.Y.S May 15, 2016
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