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A bizarre, grey substance found on shoes and the bottoms of pants after a frat party. It is sticky and repulsive, as well as exceedingly difficult to clean. Everyone always has their own definitive theory of what it actually is and how it gets on everyone.
Bruh, it took my mom like 3 hours to get all the frat matter off of my shoes today.
by BIGAL51 March 16, 2016
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The miscellaneous unknown substances that you find inside frat houses. Said substances are often composed of beer, vomit, blood, food, piss, and anything else mixed together. Often found on the walls, the floor, under the stairs, or really anywhere imaginable.
During morning cleaning up

Pledge1: What's the fuck is smeared on the wall?
Pledge2: Frat matter...
by shotguning frattylight April 06, 2011
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