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A person addicted to going on somebody's Facebook account and changing details, sending joke messages to people and writing embarrassing status's for that person.

It is built on the modern day activity called 'Frape', a definition of a Facebook rape, however a frapict cannot control this behaviour and has a compulsive need to cause chaos on other peoples Facebook pages.

Frapict's will put in massive amounts of time and effort to ensure a good 'frape' whether it involves catching you off guard, sneaking into your house to get your laptop, hacking your Facebook account, creating duplicate accounts that look like you or using fake accounts to communicate with you to play pranks.

Generally, a Frapict spends more time trying to embarrass people through social media than they do socialising with friends.
"Is Karen coming the party tonight?"

"No, she said she was going to climb through Cindy's window so she could change her relationship on Facebook to 'Married'"

"woah, what a Frapict"
by MKF_CA March 14, 2012
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