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A person who claims to be your friend, or has made it abundantly clear that they are your friend, even so they are so monstrously deformed or socially inadequate that no persons, other than the equally afflicted, would countenance their existence, let alone being chums.

Origin: Used metaphorically by pretentious 1970's film buff Goths and macabre people/failed scientists.

Most popular in: 1974 - Mel Brook's movie Young Frankenstein released and the stage musical "Buddy" most popular musical in Western Hemisphere.
Julie: "What the living nightmare on earth is THAT?!"
Julie's friend: "Quick, get in the car! ...he's coming over, oh...."
Frankenfriendly: "ww3453tr"EĀ£$%Ā£$TT" (completely incomprehensible as mouth so hideously deformed and has not been allowed to enter an education system.)
Julie & Julie's friend: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrgggg..." (driving away rather quickly, perhaps even hitting/running over Frankenfriendly, which is not a problem as he couldn't look any worse.)
by Pink Hippo Lover January 30, 2014
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