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(noun) An influence that instantly changes people into hypocrites, in regard to their stances on sexual assault issues.
Person 1 - Sexual assault is disgusting. Men who engage in that realm of power-#ucking women in various circumstances, whether it be for personal gain, or just ridicule of another, need to go straight to Hell.
Person 2 - I totally agree. These assholes need to hang for the sh!t they put women through. When I heard that Al Franken put his hands on-
Person 1 - Al Franken?!? Oooh, ooh, ooobilie-oooooh. He's so dreamy.

Bystander 2 - (to Bystander 1) D@mn. The Frankenfactor is effing powerful.
by BrandonChrist April 20, 2018
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