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An internet game involving the utmost skill and capacity in every aspect of life. If you are unable to beat it, then you really suck at life. Anyway, it is the brother of Drag Racer and has nude pictures in it for you lonely guys out there. (Even though they are animated). Someone out there might have a fetish for that kind of thing...Alec Bowers!!!? Ok, so anyway...this game consists of Lord Byroning and SHEARING all over the place. Gulliver people enjoy playing this game because they can see naked girls, something that they would otherwise never accomplish. Anyway, so Frank is a master pimp who among other things likes to sell cocaine, give bananas to Donkey Kong, and give ice cream to lonely chicks who happen to have nude pics on them. The currency in the world of Frank is nude pictures and cocaine, there is no money and you can fuck anyone you want...(Another reason why Gulliver people like it). The location of Frank's world in relation to Earth is unknown, but researchers are doing their best, working double-shifts to find out this valuable information. If you by any chance see Frank on the street, he will be carrying a briefcase with a fire extinguisher, cocaine, hedge-clippers, ice-cream, a banana, and a cell phone. If you see him, please ask him for his autograph, because I assure you that he will be famous on our planet someday. If you don't believe me, do me a favor and give me his autograph because I love him. We don't have sex or anything, but we were extraterrestrial pen-pals back in the day. I miss him as I am sure he misses me. just keep an eye out for that badass motherfucker.
And reminds you that this website is not suitable for all audiences. Drink responsibly.

Antonym: See Buck Ortega

P.S. B.J. stands for Belen Jesuit not blowjob...
So...I was surfin' the web the other day and I came across the craziest thing on earth. It was this sick ass game that you go to this other planet and you get nude pictures of chicks, but then I got pissed off because some Gulliver kids were their and they ruined it with their Jewfros and such.
by Danny Mendez May 28, 2004
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