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A very nice girl, even though problems are facing against her, she will be the best she can to the world. She doesn't hate anyone because hate is a bad thing. When she falls for someone, she stays with that person forever. She is an understanding, wonderful, beautiful girl, so if you get a Frania, keep her. She is very weird and crazy, bit slow in the head, but she is an amazing person. But not all are the same, it just depends which one you meet. It comes from the word French, and is a very unique name, not much at all heard.
Frania is weird.
by KNOW_IT_ALL_NOT January 22, 2018
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Frania is a very sweet and gentle person. She has her own ways to describe, she is a horrible liar and makes fun of herself quite a lot. She is a very worthy friend and would stay by your side unless you do something to piss her off, Frania is a very competitive person. In all that Frania is simplify put as it can get FUN.
Frania is such a diva!
by Frania didn't write this October 14, 2018
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