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Frangelina is the most beautiful, smart, loving, caring, sweet angel. without her life means nothing Frangelina is my life and i love her with all my heart, for all those haters out there who doesnt know who frangelina really is she is my love of my life so back off and watch your mouths.
Frangelina is the most beautiful smart loving caring angel in my life
by rovin1998 December 05, 2015
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The kind of girl everyone hates. A real tyrant. Usually has a big ugly butt and nasty lips. If you stay out of her way everything will be find, but CAREFUL! Two meters of separation will be enough for her to annihilate you.
Girl 1: What did I tell you about calling Frangelina the devil?
Girl 2: That it is offensive to the devil?

Boy 1: Dude! Here comes Frangelina!
Boy 2: Run! Run!
by Hater942 December 29, 2011
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