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Franco-nerd is a term used in minority francophone communities, found in Canadian cities like Winnipeg (St. Boniface), Manitoba, or in other provinces besides Québec.

A franco-nerd is like that annoying classmate that appears in every single high school yearbook picture because he or she joined absolutely all of the clubs and committees. A franco-nerd will probably do that, but even more, in their french community. Franco-nerds are usually young students.

If you're a franco-nerd you had french as your first language, went to a french elementary school and high school (not immersion). You ares especially franco-nerdy if you're also going to a french University.

A franco-nerd will be extremely involved in the french community, doing a lot of volunteer work, participate in french theatre, improv, and other french community activities from the second they were old enough to do it. A real franco-nerd will still be doing it in University.

They will speak french better than everyone else..
A franco-nerd will fight to keep french alive in the community and not let it die out.
Franco-nerds are extremely cliquey with each other.

A francophone that is not a franco-nerd will always have their francophone friends, because they're a minority, but they are not as involved in the french community and they live more with the majority, who are mostly anglophones. Some francophones might even speak ''franglais'' or ''frenglish''.
by andretouch October 03, 2010
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