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The main character in the video game Deadly Premonition who insists on being called by his middle name rather than his first.

York is a schizophrenic special FBI agent who excels in profiling among his other less notable and quirky talents (such as an extensive knowledge of 80's horror movies and the history of punk rock). When York isn't solving the nasty 2 percentile of bizarre crimes around the country, he enjoys consuming (and talking to) coffee, smoking police brand cigarettes and possibly breaking down Tom and Jerry. He is superbly multitasked while driving but in consequence a horrible driver, which leads him to crash and total his own car on the way to his latest case.

A lot of mystery surrounds him but one thing is for sure according to the fanbase: he makes the video game "Deadly Premonition" a truly unforgettable experience.
"FBI Special Agent: Francis York Morgan. Please, just call me York. It's what everyone calls me. ---Francis York Morgan when introducing himself
by Greywolvess June 23, 2010
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